HOT SALES! Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is up to 3000W. Green energy UPS: Inverter+AC Charger+Solar Charger. Smart Battery Charger, available now.

SON DAR is a leading manufacturer of high quality DC to AC Power Inverter, U.P.S., and Battery Charger over 20 years in Taiwan. (Established in 1992) We keep researching and developing high quality, efficiency, and high stably electronic products to meet customers’ requirements. We earn excellent reputation from our customers. Our R&D team consists of experienced technologists and engineers engaged in innovating, refining and developing products and solutions that enable our customers to better satisfy their clients’ and market’s needs. Our marketing team can provide you professional servic ... {read more}

What's New

1. Smart Battery Charger Series: SCN-280 &SCN-580 (2015/01/14)

SCN-series is our new developed charger. This series is multifunctional Smart Battery Charger with worldwide AC input 100~240V. It is designed for charging Li-Fe, AGM, GEL battery. It can flexible charging 6/12/24V battery also can adjust the charge current depends on your need. 8 stages charging in...(Read More)

2. Green Energy Solar U.P.S -SUC Series (2014/12/04)

Recently we just launched a new product GREEN ENERGY U.P.S.(power inverter + Charger) SUC-series, and reach lots of support from all circles, thank you so much; it is a pure sine wave power inverter combined with solar charging system and AC charging system, it can depend on the users’ environment c...(Read More)

Product Categories

Pure Sine Wave Solar U.P.S (SUC)

UPS-SUC-2200W-Solar Pure Sine Wave

• Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter (SU)

SU-3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Smart Battery Charger(SCN)

Smart Battery Charger(SCN)

• Auto Battery Charger (ABC)

ABC-1202M/2401M Battery Charger

• Power Inverter+Charger (U.P.S) (DPI)

DPI-12100C Modified Sine Wave UPS ( Inverter + Charger)


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